It is a country located in the east of Africa. It is famous for its pasture lands and savannas and a wide variety of animals all over the country. It is considered as a rich fauna habitat and is focused on for wildlife preservation. The language spoken here primarily is Swahili. However, English remains as the language of trade. The country has a good taste of literature which is mostly oral. The main sport which is popular among the youth is football. Tanzania has two unique styles of painting which has gained international recognition over time.

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Ngorongoro Crater:
It is considered as one of the sites of world heritage. It is located in the Crater islands of Tanzania. It is also regarded as the least disturbed natural wildlife habitat which has an unparalleled beauty. Ngoitokitok Spring is the only water source here for the animals. The animals include zebras, cows, black rhinoceros, East African wild dogs, Cheetahs, African leopards, buffalos, lions, and elephants. Crater lions are the individual animals here that present an identity of Tanzanian Ngorongoro Crater. There are many safari vehicles intended to take the travelers as well as the Maasai herdsmen across the Crater.

Lake Manyara:
It is the lake that is the continuation of the River Simba and the Makayuni River. It is a significant reservoir of alkaline waters, but the pH keeps on fluctuating with the change of seasons. There are hundreds of migrating birds here every year that provide an excellent opportunity for the ornithologists to research on a variety of birds like a flamingo, kingfisher, and eagles. The animal variety here includes the warthogs, giraffe, lions, baboons, hippos, and elephants. The area is situated above the water springs and is woodland of acacia. There is a diversity of flora in Lake Manyara.

The Usambara Mountains:
These are situated in the northeast of Tanzania. The mountains are fully covered by the coastal tropical forests, and the clouds surround the mountains almost all the time giving the hills a cold greyish look. It is a fantastic place to spot the biodiversity in the world. The areas to the east of the Usambara Mountains receive a lot of rainfall. These mountains are enormous reservoirs of metamorphic rocks. It is reported that the fertile soil was used for agricultural purposes, especially by the Maasai family. The place is famous for the growth of African Violets and is a good source of wood fuel, medicinal plants, and timber.

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It is a city in Tanzania and a famous tourist spot for travelers. The town has a suitable arrangement for the accommodation of the tourists. The city is enormous reservoir of fuel that is mostly a source of the primary fuel used by the country. The fuel includes coal, oils and natural gas. Zanzibar international film festival is a part of the city’s culture. People who visit Tanzania specifically for recreational purposes are encouraged to visit the city of Zanzibar.

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