As the matter of the fact, Air France-KLM finally acquired 31% stake in Virgin Atlantic that should remain to be the integral news of the airlines industry that must have potential to influence the world market of the air transport and the clients and the passengers belonging to the diverse walks of life. It has been mentioned that the company would have the grab the 31% stake in the airline company in the shape of the Virgin Atlantic that has been headed on the part of the Virgin Group with the total worth of the pound 220 million. According to the news shared on the part of the company and the concern authorities who take all the important decision of the company, it has been said that the acquisition should be the part of the joint venture that is taking place between the airline in the shape of the Delta and the Air France. This development and the step would highly likely to introduce the collective partnership that would go on to be for the next 15 years.

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As the matter of the fact, the virgin group would be able to decrease its share from the 51 percentage to the 20 percentage with the airline company in the shape of the Delta would be able to maintain its share amounted to the 49%. On the other hand, the airline in the name of the Virgin Atlantic will be highly likely to reserve its independence being the airline that belongs to the country of the UK. With the help of the operating certificate of the airline, it would be able to fly under the brand name of the Virgin. According to the CEO of the Air France KLM, it has been said that the partners in the shape of the Virgin Atlantic and the Delta would ensure the partnership that would be transatlantic in nature.

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