As the matter of the fact, the Air India Express launches Abu Dhabi flight from Kannur International that has to be the major airline development that took place in the airline industry. The launch of this flight would be taking place three times in the week that would have potential to connect the state of the Abu Dhabi with the unique and novel travel spot that lies in the Kerala. According to the reports released by the concern authorities that the other carriers and the airline companies in the shape of the Go Air would highly likely to introduce the wide range of domestic flights that would be taking place from the spot of the Kannur International Airport. As the matter of the fact, the direct flight and the services will have to move towards the spots in the shape of the Hyderabad and the most significantly, Bengaluru.

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Moreover, the airline would highly likely to be operating the best flight services from the travel destination of the Delhi to the spot in the name of the Kannur. One of the best news about the international airline is the fact that the Kannur International Airport has become the operational capacity that enables tourists and passengers to enjoy. The inaugural flight’s opening took place on the Sunday. It was said that the flight had the potential to carry the travelers and passengers amounted to 186 when the destination is the state of the Abu Dhabi. As the matter of the fact, the Kerala is the state that offers the 4 international airports with the airport of the Kannur is the updated and the popular one.

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