The African state of Malawi is located in the southeastern part of the African continent. The country is known to be defined by its brilliant landscapes and topography of the amazing Highlands creatively split by the charming Great Rift Valley and the enormous Lake Malawi. The southern end of the lake falls within the country’s most famous Lake Malawi National Park which is widely known for sheltering diverse wildlife and animal species ranging from the colorful fish to the wild baboons. Furthermore, the clear waters of the lake are popular for diving and boating. Another, Peninsular Cape Maclear is visited heavily by a massive number of tourists from all over the country and is known for its luxurious beach resorts. We at TravelLineUK bring you a couple of amazing Malawian destinations offering an amazing journey, full of adventure and thrill.


1. Lilongwe
Lilongwe, the beautiful capital of Malawi, is an exquisite terminus known to be the major entry point into the country. The city is known to be located in the central region of the country and is home to a number of well-tendered gardens as well as exotic and indigenous trees. This this the prime reason by the nickname of Lilongwe as the Green City. Hitherto, the city was a small village administered under the British colonial rule but, contemporarily, the city has transformed into an exclusive commercial hub of the country with a plethora of modern and sophisticated buildings and tourist attractions. So, we are offering cheap flight fares to Lilongwe. The city as a tourist destination has been greatly progressed over the years. The city is home to the Kamuzu International Airport, located about 25 Km north of the city. The airport offers regional and international flight connections.


2. Blantyre
The city of Blantyre is amongst Malawi’s major tourist destinations encompassing several exciting attractions and activities to the visitors. Blantyre is situated in the famous Shire Highlands, in the southern region of the country. It is famous for adjoining the popular town of Limbe and it is also known for its unique architecture dating back to the times of the British colonial era. Nearby, the city is known to cover some of the country’s most popular parks and nature reserves. On the renowned Chichiri Hill, the Museum of Malawi, also known as the Chichiri Museum, it known to highlight famous exhibits on the ethnography and natural history of the nation. The museum also hosts several traditional dances per different festivals.


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