Angola tourism:
Angola tourism is based on the natural environment of the country. There are a number of rivers, waterfalls and coastlines in the country. The places to visit in the country are;

angola tourism

Cameia National Park:
Visitors are greatly attracted towards this park. It is located in Moxico that is 1100 meters above from the sea level. The attraction of this park is due to its wild life presence. Tourists who are visiting this park should follow the guidelines from the park authority so they should not harm their selves from wild animals.

Porto de Luanda

Porto de Luanda;
In this port trading activities used to take place through ships. All over the place a visitor can see loading and unloading activities. There are terminals as to where ships are parked. A tourist can see movimentos and noticials there.

TundaVala Volcanic Fissure

TundaVala Volcanic Fissure:
Through this place a visitor can access beautiful beaches. These are mountainous ranges which are very high above than the sea level. A person can enjoy hiking at 2600m above the sea level. Sheer drop of water to sea level is quite inspiring for tourists. Some of the tourists might not have experienced this before.

Dilolo Lake

Dilolo Lake:
Dilolo Lake is recognized to be the biggest lake in the country. It is a symbol of a natural beauty. Nearby mountains and hills are reflective in it. All around this lake is lush greenery and people can spend their time there with their families. It looks beautiful in the morning and in the evening time.

Chiumbe River Falls

Chiumbe River Falls:
Chiumbe River falls are a great source of inspiration and it is inspiring to watch out waters falling from mountains. Water is splashing all over the place and it is flowing from rocks.

Cuisines and hotels:
Angolan cuisines are very popular and they are readily available in hotels;


Funge is a very common cuisine and it is almost eaten every day in homes. It is prepared with fish, chicken and beans. A porridge of cassava is used in its preparation. It is gray in color after being cooked.


Arroz is a cuisine made from rice. Further chicken or fish is used in it. Boiled rice are generally served with seafood. It is very healthy and delicious.

Caldeirada de cabrito

Caldeirada de cabrito:
This cuisine is prepared with goat meat skew. It is served with boiled rice and generally such a cuisine is cooked on the independence day of the country.


This cuisine is cooked with fish and dried vegetables. In its preparation onions and tomatoes are used. Gimboa leaves provide a great taste to this cuisine. It is cooked with palm oil beans. It can be eaten separately but generally it is served with boiled rice. A mixture of fish and vegetable is delicious and healthy.

Hotels prices starting from:
In Angola there are all kinds of hotels. The pricing of 3-star hotels start from $50 per night and the pricing of 5-star hotels starts from $70 per night.

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