The reasons you should travel to Armenia includes the mesmerizing and awe inspiring landscapes of the great Vorotan canyon to enjoying the longest cable ride within the mountains. Not only are this but there some old monasteries also which become the center of attraction for many tourists. This country is associated with many mythical stories like the holy mountain of Armenia as well as the ark of Noah on Mount Ararat. It is an interesting and captivating country rich in old and eventful history, beautiful nature and enchanting culture.

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Khor Virap:
One of the popular and famous tourist destinations in Armenia is the Khor Virap which means “deep dungeon”. It is located right in front of the national symbol of Armenia- the Mount Ararat. From here you can have spectacular views of the snowcapped mountain. There are green belts made along the bank of River Araks which differentiates the monastery from the Turkish border. There are Turkish bases and American posts on the top of Mount Ararat which appears as lights at night time. This region is famous for the 13 years long imprisonment of Grigor Luisavorich.

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Tatev Monastery:
The tatev monastery is regarded as the jewel of Armenian architecture which was built in the 9th-13th centuries. Initially it was difficult to reach to Tatev because of the presence of winding road between the steep walls of the gorge and crossing the river on Devil’s Bridge. Now it has become easy to reach the monastery through reversible cable car. The monastery is situated in the middle of Marz of Syunik near Tatev village. The monastery became rich and an educational institute by collecting taxes from many villages, thus it was a center of political and religious community.

Epic spires of Goris:

Goris is undoubtedly the most stunning and amazing city in Armenia. The city is surrounded by breathtaking mountains which are attracting the people to climb them. The rocks in this city can easily hold you in their magic and you can spend the whole day looking around the city corners. Near the village of Khot, towards the south of Goris at 10 kilometers is located the Goris Airport. It was closed since 1991 for public use due to USSR collapse. However it was opened for public and private use by the Armenian government in 2016.

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Dilijan is considered to be a municipal community and a spa town in the Armenia province, Tavush. The locals call this place as Little Switzerland which is located within the Dilijan National Park. According to a census held in 2011 the population of Dilijan dropped to 17,712 from 23,700. Currently the population of town is 16,600 as per the census in 2016. The beautiful town is a home to various Armenian composers, artists, filmmakers and architecture. In Armenia, Dilijan is the fastest growing metropolitan community. The country’s government is targeting to make Dilijan a financial capital by transferring the operations of Central Bank to Dilijan.

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