Samoa is a country made of two main islands Upolu and Savaii with four other small islands. The main islands were formed due to unlimited volcanic eruptions, leaving behind volcanic cones all over Savaii and Upolu. Apia is the capital city which has developed a unique Samoan cultural identity and language. People are living in Samoan Islands from about 3500 years. The country has 11 administration divisions with unitary parliamentary assemblies. From October to March the country experiences a rainy and tropical season whereas dry season is from May to October. The annual temperature of the country is 26.5 degree Centigrade.

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Afu Aau falls:
The Afu Aau Waterfall is a striking and eye-catching waterfall in south-eastern end of Savaii. It is also known as Olemoe Falls, which dives from the deep rainforest to a fresh-water pool. The pool is very deep but towards the outer rim it gets very shallow. At the end, it flows in 3 smaller falls which gives a beautiful attraction to visitors. The pool site is closed on Sundays and there is strict prohibition on alcohol usage. About 80 meters away from the fall is a toilet block. There are no lifeguards on duty like in most sites in Samoa so the visitors are strictly advised to take extra precaution while swimming.

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Lalomanu Beach:
It is located on the southeastern end of Upolu. It is known as the Samoa’s most flawless and picturesque beach. The beach has a phrase “come and unwind in paradise” written everywhere around it. Those who love the ocean creatures and marine life, Lalomanu is a perfect place for them. The semi-transparent lagoon stretched all along the south coast to Lotofaga is swarming with species of tropical fish. It is a protected oceanic reservoir where you can observe snorkel, flippers and scuba tank. If you love geology you can take short walk from behind the hospital at Lalomanu to a volcanic crater.

Namua Island:
A beautiful small island of Namua is about 5 minutes by boat from the eastern coast of Upolu lays. The island has a magnificent swimming beach with popular activities being snorkeling and sea kayaking. To easily identify the new location a sign has been placed which says “Namu’a Island Beach Fales”. Accommodation on this island is offered at a place where all beach fronts can be viewed with spectacular views of the Upolu Island. To avoid mishaps the last boast timings have been shortened to 5pm every day. You have the opportunity to meet some local mammals like marvel and turtles at Marina Protected Area situated adjacent to the island.

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Fishing in Samoa:
If you are an active angler then the waters of Samoa is not less than a paradise for your rod. It is a perfect Pacific destination which contains playgrounds for tooth tuna, dolphin fish, sailfish, albacore, marlin, barracuda, yellow-fin tuna and masimasi. If you are not an experienced fisherman or have not done fishing before then there are professional crew members to train or give you beginner lessons to get started.

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