Bahamas is an archipelago in the Atlantic which is coral based. It consists of more than 700 islands. It is a home to many large-scaled hotels and massive sites for snorkeling and scuba-diving. A vast part of Bahamas Islands is still uninhabited. Bahamas is the world’s most resplendent Island and a majestic marvel of nature. It’s every beach is tinctured with a different color of sand and water on the beach. Visiting Bahamas is an enchantment to the traveler’s eyes. If you are finding an essence of wonder on the human earth, you should definitely visit the Bahamas.

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● Blue holes national park:
It was established in 2002 as a tribute to the preservation step of some natural wonders of the world. This park is a house to a large number of blue wholes and water reservoirs. It has the largest number of underwater cave systems. They are inhabited by a variety of fishes and invertebrate species, both of fresh water rand marine life, and are a fascination to the zoologist and veterinary scientists all over the world. The floor of the water reservoirs and embedded with unique limestones which are formed as a result of sedimentation over thousands of years.

● The Cloisters:
Cloister is a combined number of arches and columns arranged in a quadrangle. It is a historical place which is the remnant of French monasteries of the 14th Century. It comprises of remarkable and impressive stone columns and arches that add to the beauty of the place and the historic buildings fits in exactly with the view vista. It is near the Nassau harbor of Bahamas. This place is perfect to add to romanticism and make memories with photography. Hotels here are not far off from Cloisters. One can use a taxi, car or any public transport to reach here.

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● Nassau:
Nassau is the capital of Bahamas. The city is overshadowed by the people all over Paradise Island. The tropical climate and its natural environment is a great attraction for the tourists globally. It has a number of beach resorts that favor the visitors. It has a tropical monsoon climate and the temperature remains almost consistent throughout the year. A hotel named Cable Beach is the most preferred hotel of the Nassau. The restaurants of the city are either situated inside the hotel premises or outside near its main street. The place is known for its food and the golden sand of the beach.

● Andros Barrier reef:
The Andros Barrier Reef is the world’s largest fringing reef and is around 190 miles in length. It has a variety of Pisces species which provide a beautiful kaleidoscope is a charisma to the scuba divers and the tourists who are passionate to explore the underwater world! The water leaves types of fishes such as tarpons, sailfish and tunas as it clashes the water near the shore. Andros Barrier reef is mostly used for recreational purposes however the nation’s major portion of GDP is dependent on it! However the management of this reef is a great challenge for the state and its maintenance requires serious attention.

● Junkanoo & the museum:
Junkanoo is the culture at the Bahamas and a source of glamour to the Bahamas’ traditions. It is an ancient festival started in 17th century where the slaves and the poor masked their identity to be a part of celebrations. The festival is accompanied by people dancing in a rhythmic way all over the streets, coordinating with the steps and the combination of radiant dresses. The celebration occurs on January 1, July 10 and December 26 every year. The people spend a lot of time the whole year preparing handmade dresses for the festival as the judges award one of the groups with the cash prizes!

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● Cuisine recipes:
The food and beverages used by the people in Bahamas is uniquely termed as “Bahamian cuisine” Bahamians have a great taste for food and have delightful cuisine recipes. Most of the recipes are based on seafood. The people of Bahamas rely on simply cooked food and they love to eat plain fishes which are seasoned with some pepper and salts. Cracked conches are the conch shells cooked with Creole sauce. Baked crabs, lobsters with rice johnnycakes and pigeon with peas are a part of Bahamian meals. Apart from seafood, there are many dishes which include the use of potatoes, cheese and macaroni. Guava duff is the most popular dessert of Bahamas.

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