According to the latest news, British Airways has canceled all its flights from China and to China because of the recent coronavirus. According to the British Airways representative, they took this decision because of the health problems around the world and the spread of coronavirus very quickly.

The representative said that even though we know that people are having trouble in this regard but the priority of the population of England and other countries is the major thing for us. This decision was taken after the UK foreign office.

The flights are not only canceled about the city of Wuhan but the whole Mainland China including Beijing and Shanghai. According to the airline, the flights towards Hong Kong have not been affected by now.

There is no definite date when the cancellation of the flights will be resumed but according to the representative, at least one month has been decided at this time for the cancellation of flights towards China and from China. Because of this decision many people who were deciding to come back to England came back as soon as possible. Many of the students and many businessmen were not planning to come back to England but because of the spread of coronavirus and the cancellation of the flights of British Airways, they planned ahead and came back to England on the last flight on 29th of January 2020.

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British Airways is not the only airline and only country representative in the world, but America has also decided that all the American citizen doesn’t need to go to China because of the virus and also should not travel until there is some necessity. Air Canada has also decided to halt the flights to China until they decide what they need to do in the future,

Us airline has suspended flights from China from 1st February to 8 February. They have decided this thing because of the demand which is lacking. According to the New York City Medical official, “We hope that the virus will be controlled, but there is no definite time and also not definite procedure. This is why the decision from the airlines is the last resort and the right one.”

British Airways is the Flag Carrier for the United Kingdom and there are hundreds and millions of people who travel in this flight from across the globe and especially from China. Canceling the flights from China and to China will be troubling for many of the people, but because of the coronavirus being so Lethal and no vaccine has been made by now, this decision is very good in terms of the output you are looking for.

Many of the countries across the globe are putting the infected people in isolation and not telling other people about the patient to secure the anarchy. Different scientists and different doctors are making sure to remove the Coronavirus from infected people if there is any possibility. Recently there have been additional infected people in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom government is making sure to cure those patients.

According to news around 200 people came back from China to England On the last flight of British Airways, and all were taken in the Quarantine. According to the schedule everyday, a single flight comes from China to England. UK government says that they do not have any confirmed case by now in the country about the coronavirus infected but taking precautions is better than treating the very big and not treatable virus.

The passengers who came from china on the last flight will be held in quarantine at an undisclosed military airbase for 14 days. Public safety is the priority; we have the responsibility to bring the English public back to the country from Wuhan but not at the risk of spreading the virus in the country because of some people, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock

At least 97 who came from china have been tested by now and all are clear. The last flight of British airways gave the form to the passengers that if they are put in quarantine, do they agree or they want to be left behind because of disagreement.

By today the deaths of the people have risen to more than 200, and around 100,000 people are affected. All the countries are taking steps to control the virus even though there is no confirmation from where the virus originated

The first cases came into information when people visiting and working in the animal market in Wuhan city were affected. Since then, all the connections to that market have been closed and the market has been shut down. Snakes might be the source but there is no confirmation which animal was the problem in the coronavirus