On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, China opens world’s longest sea-crossing bridge which will be connecting the Hong Kong with the mainland. It holds the massive level of the socio-economic importance as well as the political strategic value addition.

The President of China named Xi Jinping led this development and inauguration of the bridge which is 55 km long which has to be connecting the areas of the Hong Kong together with the Macau. With the sight of the 3 three leaders on the screen, the digital fireworks were penetrated the screen that was place behind them.

sea-crossing bridge

As the matter of the fact, this is the bridge that caused the cost of $20 billion that took around 10 years to build as it was quite difficult task to do so. Meanwhile, during the process, there had been wide range of frequent delays and the most significantly, cost variations. This Bridge has tunnel which lies undersea that enable ships to get passed the Pearl River Dealt, something considered to be the important and significant manufacturing sector of the country named China.

The opening of the bridge would allow the time of the travel to be reduced from the many hours to the mere 30 minutes that China believes would likely to connect the whole region needed to engender the economic progress spread over the longer period of time.

According to the information released on the part of the higher Authorities, it has been mentioned that it holds the immense level of economic and political significance for the regions in the shape of boosting the Gross Domestic Growth and creating new business opportunities for the businesses working in the nearby areas.

On the other hand, the skeptics of the China believers that it is yet another tactic of this country to ensure its long term grip on the former colony of the British in the name of the Hong Kong. But again, it has been echoed by the people that this new development of opening of the longest bridge would highly likely to bring massive level of importance for the current and incumbent Xi’s led government. His government has been countering the demands of the liberalization of the Hong Kong in terms of political structure.

World's longest sea

As the matter of the fact, the opening of this bridge on the part of the country named China took place with the completion of the month when the introduction of the new high-speed rail link connecting the region of Hong Kong with the China. It has been the shorter route for the people of these two areas. With the inauguration of the rail link and the longest bridge, the time needed to travel across the cities would highly likely to be dramatically decreased to the greater extent. However, it has also unearth the concerns on the part of the people that these development would be increasing the influence of the Beijing, the capital city of China, on the  Hong Kong.


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