According to the recent information that poured into the world news channels, it has been said that the Dubai international airport marked an unparalleled global record for being the highly visited and used airport that makes it the busiest one in the world. As per the statistics, it is mentioned that the airport was visited by the 8.37 million travelers in the month of August who used it as the transportation hub needed to travel to the different parts of the world’s countries.

Dubai International Airport

As the matter of the fact, this years’ month statistic came as a surprise to many owing to the fact that this time around, it was quite a larger increase in the amount of the visitors and travelers. In the last year, the figure was around 8.23 million with the increase in this year, it can be said the 2nd consecutive month that crossed the record of the 8 million. This increase in the figure enables the city of Dubai to effectively compete or come close to its competitors that seek to attain greater number of international traffic.
Inspire of the increase in the traffic volume in the Dubai international airport, it has been observed by the concerns authorities that the queue times decreased by the 44% in the month of August if compared with the month of August of last year. The airport has been able to use the greater amount of the Smart Gate technology that helps it to increase tourists and travelers with the help of the immigration.

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