As the matter of the fact, the Emirates add more Emirati talent into key Gulf, MEO positions that have been considered to be the positive and valuable contribution towards the airline industry. It has been mentioned that the Emirates came up with the announcement that it would offer the numerous appointments attached and linked to the commercial operations team that would be covering the wide range of the Middle Eastern region along with the Africa and the most significantly, the GCC. According to the press release of the airline, it has been mentioned that such appointments would have the much-needed potential to be able to bring forth talent of the airline of the Emirate towards the leadership positions. This must have helped the people to get the promotion from the firms in the best possible manner along with the help of the portfolio rotations that has been able to offer some sort of skill-based flexibility.

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Owing to this wide range of steps and the development that took place by the company, it has been able to fulfill its commitment towards the top leadership and the high level hierarchy that it would ensure the development and the promotion of their respective career. This has been done especially if these are the employees or the leadership that belong to the UAE in the best possible manner. According to the CEO of the airline company in the shape of the Emirates, it has been said that the company seeks to expand the operations and the services towards the different and distinctive parts of the global village and the world. With the help of the unmatchable backgrounds, the wide range of the skills that belong to the highly trained appointed team mates of the commercial team, the operations of the business can be realized and materialized in the best possible manner.

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