The emirates to launch mexico city flights via Barcelona which is certainly the significant development for the tourists and the travelers who would need this services in the best possible manner.

It will influence the airline industry to the greatest possible extent. The airline global operating firm in the shape of the Emirates unveiled its plan to come up with the daily services from the travel destination of the Dubai to the city named as the Mexico through the route of the barcelona, the city of Spanish.

This new service flight will start from the 9th of the month of december 2019. As the matter of the fact, the passengers and the travelers will not have the chance and opportunity to engage in the traveling in between the 2 cities with having the great deal of comfort and the style.

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On the other hand, the people belonging to the countries in the shape of the spain, UAE and the most importantly, Mexico will merely require the passports to have the immense level of the visa free traveling in the best possible manner.

This will take place with the help of the 2 class Emirates Boeing 777-200LR that is filled with the 38 seats of the business class along with the 264 seats of the economy class.

According to the top authority of the Emirates, it has been mentioned to be said that the company is eager to launch the novel air connectivity between the destinations of the Mexico and the most importantly, Dubai. The best part remains to be the fact that the access of such service would be needed for the purpose of advancing tourism, improving cultural ties and bolsters business activities.

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