Before the end of this year, the Boeing 737 Max won’t be back in the sky due to the fall-out in the collaboration between the other national regulators and the US Federal Aviation Administration, as per the Presidents of Emirates, Tim Clark. He described about the delay of the aircraft come back in terms of China, Europe, Canada and regulators. President explained about it to the reporters in Seoul at the IATA annual meeting. It will take time to get Boeing 737 Max back in the skies. He said further, By Christmas, if it comes in the air, it will be the surprise for him. Emirates is a popular airline in the world and it does not control this aircraft itself. The Airline has the partnership with FlyDubai that is a low cost carrier. In its fleet, FlyDubai contains a dozen Max aircraft’s and several others.


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As per the President of Emirates, it will irritate several people if they claim that Boeing 737 Max is secure to fly in the skies. It is a 2 year old model that has achieved several of its orders and in March, it was grounded after a 2nd crash triggered with orders of no fly. Now airlines are calling round the globe that on aviation regulators should work together to get this jet back in the air. To stop the regulatory responses from slowing and splintering its return. As per Clark, yonder a regulatory approval for aircraft improvement it works on variations in requirements of pilot-training. It may be the prime reason of the delays further. On 737 Max simulator mandatory, regulator is to be trained. There are few aircraft’s of such kinds. He told that controllers are trained to take more strict view on the aircraft. In 2020, this is 777X that is targeted to start commercial flights.

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