This is the great news for the passengers of Emirates. A380 is the jumbo plane from Emirates and now Emirates is saying that they are going to make the 51 destination of their airline of Riyadh with this Jumbo airplane. Riyadh will be the 51 destinations of the Emirates A 380 fleet. This introduction to Saudi Arabia is the part of the Saudi vision of 2030 which wants to decrease the Traffic growth and also Increase connectivity. This airline will go from Dubai to Riyadh and it has 3 categories in the plane. the economy class will have 429 seats, 76 seats in business class and 14 seats in first class.At the recent Saudi International airshow 2019 Emirates have showcased their A380 aircraft.

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Emirates is once again committing to the vision of accommodating every passenger from Saudi Arabia. This airline will run by 5 times a week from Dubai to Riyadh and back. This news is from April 2019 so this has already happened and now their feet are already on the route from Dubai to Riyadh 5 times a week. Emirates have planned to expand their fleet and the destinations across the globe and starting from Riyadh they have confirmed their plan to reach out to the Arab Nations along with western Nations. They already had the fleet of small planes from Dubai to Riyadh but now opting for the jumbo plane in this regard is giving the reason that they want to accommodate more passengers and the demand of the passengers from Saudi Arabia or from Dubai to Riyadh. Not to forget that every passenger in the plane will have food and amenities served by the cabin crew to every passenger irrespective of the class they are sitting in.

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