As per the recent airline news disclosed by the international media groups, the Ethiopian airlines to launch Moscow, the capital city and eco-political hub of the country named Russia, flights in December. According to the CEO of the Ethiopian Airlines who discuss about this new development said that the company is happy and excited to be able to announce the recent services that are launched for the city named Moscow. The CEO of the company further added that the Russia provides the traders and the investors an ideal platform needed to explore the natural resources in the shape of the natural gas and the most significantly, oil resource. Travel Line UK deals with you London to Harare Flight with Ethiopian Airlines.

London to Harare Flight with Ethiopian Airlines

According to the information revealed by the company, it has been said that the Ethiopian airlines would be able to offer the air connectivity between the countries named Russia and the continent of Africa that has potential to improve and enhance the diplomatic relations and economic ties between the said countries and the regions. As the matter of the fact, the Ethiopian would be able to offer the link to the capital city of Russia, Moscow that would get it connected with the fifty nine cities of the continent of Africa. With the 3 flights taking place weekly, the Ethiopian airline has been able to promote the enhanced trading and financial activities and the most significantly, the growth in the tourism driven ties between the countries named Russia and the continent of Africa. One of the important facts related to the Ethiopian airlines is the fact that it has been the fastest growing airline that belongs to the continent of Africa.

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