As the matter of the fact, the Etihad airways to launch global cabin crew recruitment drive that should be the significant news about the airline industry. It has been mentioned that the Etihad airways has been able to come up with the wide range of plans that would go on towards the massive level of recruitment drive in the world over in the best possible manner. The airline in the shape of the Etihad airways has been able to get to find the people who must have the experience of the great nature of the hospitality to be capable of getting into the cabin crew of this airline as soon as possible. The best part remains to be the fact that the multi-national recruitment days would be the operating in the different cities in the different countries and the continent of the world in the shape of the Australia, Africa and the most importantly, the Europe.

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This process is taking place in the city of the London along with the area of the Dublin in the month that is the February. According to the vice president of the Etihad airways, it has been mentioned that with these cities that we have been targeting, we would seek to invite the candidates unto 120 who would be joining in the recruitment days to be able to bolsters the growth of the airlines in the highly effective manner. The support on the part of the candidates may be in the shape of the arrival of the new fleet that would be taking place in this year. They think they can get the pool of the inspiring individuals including men and women from the diverse walks of life and having the potential to offer the great services.

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