The Etihad airways to launch new summer flights to Egypt, Oman that has been strategically driven move by this airline company for the purpose of influencing the market share of the airline industry in the best possible manner. According to the news brokered and revealed by the sources of the company, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the Etihad Airways would be highly likely to introduce the wide range of the seasonal services towards the routes from the destination of the Abu Dhabi to the ultimate spot of the Alexandria, the significant part of the Egypt. This move is done and adopted by the firm to be able to meet the ever rising demand level generated from the consumers, clients and the passengers during the summer peak in the highly effective way. These two flights would be taking place 4 times in the single week in the months of the July and the most significantly, the August.

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As the matter of the fact, the 2nd huge city of the country in the shape of the Egypt is the Alexandria together with the Salalah has the potential to grab the attention of the passengers and the tourist in the times of the summer and peaked months. According to the CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the company is quite happy to provide the passengers with the great range of the holidays spot in the months of the summer to the greater possible extent. It appears to be very important for the company for being able to meet the demands of the clients especially the people from UAE who tend to consider the destination of the Alexandria and the most significantly, the Salalah.

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