As the matter of the fact, the etihad airways has been able to launch an unmatchable and unique brand campaign to reach to the people globally and worldwide. It was taken place with the help of the new television commercial TVC in the state named Abu dhabi. This event was attended by the high level dignitaries in the shape of the media’s representatives along with the many special guests.

The nicole kidman has been the world class star along with being the narrator of the tv stations and the platform of the social media with the help of the 60 and the 30 seconds mechanism. As the matter of the fact, the wide range of campaigns would highly likely to be appeared in the multiple platforms in the shape of the print along with the digital channels.

According to the information released, the TVC had been able to get itself shot onboard with the airways in the name of the Etihad Airways recent launched airline named as the Airbus A380 that has been introduced to travel different parts of the global village especially the wide range of the landmarks belong to the state of Abu dhabi.

As the matter of the fact, the TVC has been able to get itself featured with the digitally driven scenario of the kidman that would likely to be established louvre Abu Dhabi. This will help you get the sight of the advanced and high class artistic material that has been influenced on the part of the geometric systems of the emirate.

What has to be the interesting fact that this has been able to reflect the cultural and international dialogue along with the friendship. It has enabled the Etihad airways to act as the global ambassador. The hall in the shape of the historic Strahov library is enough to be able to act as the representative of the knowledge, information and the seek of the creativity.

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