Etihad Airways Revamps Economy Culinary Offering

Being the award-winning airline Etihad Airways have revamped their economic culinary Offering which can Amaze the economy class passengers. Not only that they are offering the food for the economy class passengers with the better approach but they are improving their flight experience through entertainment and their cabin experience because of the market competition and the strategies of the different flights.

They will go for the refurbishment of the cabins especially of the flights which are going for the flight duration of more than 5 hours.

Group chief executive officer of Etihad Airways have said That we have been always the company who used to change according to the market and this is the changing market.

Etihad Airways have introduced the bigger food menu especially for the flights which are going to be longer than 3 hours. You will be getting the Quality in the food but with seasonal ingredients and more focus on the choices According to the destination.

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The cutlery will be reduced by 85% to lower the weight on the flight. If you are going on a flight which will be longer than 5 hours then you will be offered the desert after the main meal with the coffee. This one also saves the space on the tray but if you are on the flight which will be shorter then you will be offered the desert along with the main meal.

These are offered on the flights which will be going from Abu Dhabi to 38 destinations.

Along with food improvement, the innovation and the improvement in the entertainment during the inflight experience is going to add to the experience of the passengers who are frequent Travellers of Etihad Airways, This news has been announced during the recent innovation in the Dubai market in the different Airlines.