As the matter of the fact, the Etihad Airways rolls-out new flight tracking technology that has been ensuring the significant change in the operating system of the airline to the greater extent in the best possible manner. The best part remains to be the fact that the Etihad Airways has been able to put in place the unmatchable and unique flight tracking technology in the shape of the International Civil Aviation Organization global aeronautical distress along with the safety mechanism. This is highly suggested on the part of the international airline monitoring organization to ensure that the airlines company comply with the rules and regulation needed for the purpose of ensuring the flight tracking in the effective manner. It has been mentioned to be the fact that the airlines are in the position to launch such flight tracking system by the end of the year of the 2021 with the help of the ICAO.

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As the matter of the fact, with the partnership of the STA, the airline company in the shape of the Etihad airways has been able to have the much-need potential to adopt the flight tracker mechanism that would go on to use the data services needed to offer the better place, altitude and the most significantly, the speed of the airborne fleet of the airlines that operate globally and in the different countries of the world. As per the VP of the Etihad Airways, it was said to be the fact that the company seeks out to offer the maximum level of the safety to the clients and the customers together with the aircraft and the crew at the Etihad Airways in the best possible manner as it is the top most priority of the organization and the firm.

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