One of the important airline news has been the fact that the Etihad Airways says to launch Dreamliner on route to Barcelona. As the matter of the fact, the Etihad airways would highly likely to launch the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner associated with the scheduled services that take place from the travel destination of the State of the Abu Dhabi to the spot and destination in the name of the Barcelona after the date of the 22 February 2019. The company has been able to deploy the massive 787 Dreamliner that has potential to emerge to be the alternative of the Airbus A330-200. As per the information unveiled on the part of the concern authorities of the airline, it has been mentioned that it would have the capacity to enhance the frequency of the regular operation after the 31th march of the upcoming year of 2019.

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According to the Chief commercial officer of the carrier in the shape of the Etihad, it has been clearly said that the company is happy and optimistic to add the destination of Barcelona to the list of the destination of the Dreamliner. The company has been able to introduce flights of the route that lead to the State of the Abu Dhabi that have potential to facilities and increase the deployment of the huge range of carrier of 787 needed for the said service. Etihad has been the international airline that shares its codeshare with the airline of the Air Europa. Along with the Madrid, the airline has the capacity to ensure the consistence in the service of the flight and the most significantly, the comfortable and feasible travel choices for the passengers.

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