The recent news poured into the international newspapers says that Emirates and Etihad Airways have planned to increase the quantity of the flights towards the largest city of the Canada in the shape of Toronto once the month of August begins. It would lead to the change in the current scenario when there are merely six flights allowed in a single week operating from the United Arab Emirates towards the country of Canada.
According to the information provided by the Emirates, it has been noted that company would increase two more flights in the list of current 3 flights in a week taking place from the state of Dubai to the Toronto by the end of the 18th of August with the help of A380 super jumbo. It further says that Etihad would likely to increase the flights from the state of Abu Dubai to the 5 times in a single week—currently 3 flights.


As the matter of the fact, these two airlines would likely to respond to the ever-rising level of the needs and requirements on the part of the enthusiastic travelers and passionate tourists and the most significantly, business individuals who have to travel for their business driven meetings and appointments.
As per the personal view of the CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, this step would turn out to be the best and fascinating news for the people who are inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, especially for the one who is interested in the adventurous activities in the shape of trade driven purposes, traveling and much more.

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He further added that the UAE has been the huge export platform for the country of Canada as this country strives to increase trade in the Middle Eastern region and beyond. With the increase in the number of flights, and the increase in the Airways driven services, the volume and amount of trade will also likely to increase as far as the region of Middle East and Canada is concerned. Owing to the development took place in 5th of June, the inhabitants and locals of UAE do not require getting the advance visa for the purpose of seeking the short stays in the Canada.