Quito is the second largest city and capital of Ecuador which was officially accepted during the 16th century on Inca ruins. The UNESCO declared Quito as the first city in the world to adopt a cultural heritage for the humanity in 1978. The city is thought to have more history than buildings. There are more things to do in Quito than you can even think of. The city has a blend of artistic style and culture, especially with its romantic streets and golden covered churches. If you ever have the chance to visit Ecuador do not miss the opportunity to explore Quito- unique city of two million people.

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Visit The Old Monasteries:
Just a block away from the Plaza de Independencia lays one of the beautiful churches which any tourist shouldn’t miss going and that is the San Augustine Church and Monastery. You can visit the Monastery throughout the week but it is closed on weekends to the public. However the church is open to the public every day. In 1809 on of the events changed Ecuador forever by declaring independence at the San Augustine Church and Monastery. Many of the Augustine monasteries that were formed since the 16th century were lost or destroyed and now only a tenth of the original remains.

Conquer El Panecillo and Pichincha:
If you wish to go to the Panecillo from within the monument of the Virgin of Quito then it is advisable to go from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 18.00 and from 9h00 to 17h00 on Saturday and Sunday. At the top of the hill are situated many restaurants where you can enjoy a striking and spectacular view of Quito as well as have the pleasure to taste delicious food. For safety purposes it is recommended to visit this place with a guide and if going alone then visit the place in private transport. AT this place, people love to collect rainwater during Spanish conquest as they believe that it will irrigate the gardens of the Spanish mansion.

Cotopaxi National Park:
In Ecuador, Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most beautiful and amazing park. It is very famous all over of the because it contains the renowned Cotopaxi Volcano. Located on the border of the provinces of Cotopaxi and Pichincha the volcano is surrounded by an ecological reserve. People who love hiking, climbing, and trek will surely visit this place. It is also amazing for those who want to enjoy the stunning and amazing panoramas. The ecosystem of Cotopaxi is filled with a variety of flora and fauna including pumas, condors, wild horses, wolves and bears with a combination of pine vegetation.

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Marvel at San Francisco Church and Plaza:
When you open your curtains onto the sunny square Plaza San Francisco in Quito is ready to greet you in the morning accompanied by a lunch in the restaurant. It excites your day with cocktails on the roof terrace and lovingly bids you goodnight as you bathe in your tub. The neighbor of Plaza San Francisco is Casa Gangotena’s which is marked as the birthplace of Catholicism in Quito. It hosts different religious festival and is an architectural gem. This amazing mini-city was founded by Franciscan missionary Jodoco Ricke and it took about 150+ years to build it.

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