Ghana is one of the essential nations of western Africa, arranged on the bank of the Gulf of Guinea. In spite of the fact that it is generally little in size, it is imperative due to its extensive regular riches and as it was the prime colonial African nation situated south of the Sahara to achieve freedom.Recently, the country is moving towards athletic sports including soccer, basketball, and base ball.Off chance, if you get an opportunity to see the BLACK STARS in real life, it will give you a genuine comprehension of the sort of enthusiasm the general population have for the game. All these add to its engaging quality. Many like to call the nation as the passage to Africa with accentuation on the different attractions sights it has.
In spite of the fact that the nation may look topographically little on the African guide, it gloats of numerous and delightful traveler destinations out of which some are known and others are obscure. A visit to some of these locales could be precarious yet agreeable as well. To abstain from losing all sense of direction in the labyrinth of the fascination destinations in Ghana, one has to know where precisely they are going.

1. Accra, Ghana’s Capital
Accra is a sprawling city with around 2 million occupants and one of Africa’s more secure capitals. Accra has a blend of current structures, shanty towns, incidental manor and enthusiastic markets. The focal center point is around the Makola Market; only south of the market is the Atlantic Ocean.

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2. Busua Beach
Busua is one of Ghana’s best shorelines and offers the guest an opportunity to unwind, paddle around in the Atlantic and appreciate some lobster. There are a few inns along the shoreline front running from sumptuous to basic. A portion of the striking lodgings/hotels found around there are the Busua Beach Resort, Busua Inn and the African Rainbow resort. On the off chance that Busua is excessively touristy for you, you likewise look at Princess Town somewhat further toward the west along the drift.

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3. Cape Coast Castle
Ghana’s Atlantic Coast is fixed with old strongholds worked by different European forces amid the seventeenth Century. The Cape Coast Castle was worked for the slave-exchange and is a standout amongst the greatest of Ghana’s old strongholds. It was initially worked by the Dutch in 1637, later extended by the Swedes, at last the British took control of it in 1664 and transformed it into their frontier central command. It remained as such for the following 200 years until the point that they moved the funding to Accra in 1877.

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4. Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park is a thick tropical rain backwoods in southern Ghana. The woods is home to more than 40 types of bigger warm blooded creatures including backwoods elephants, woodland wild ox, Mona-meerkats and civets. The fowl life is fabulous also with more than 250 species living in the backwoods. The feature of any visit to Kakum is a walk around the Canopy Walkway that is fabricated 30 meters over the ground, traverses 1000 feet (350 m) long. The shade walkway offers a novel survey viewpoint of the untamed life and remarkable plants of the woods. Prepared aides are close by to take you on a visit and give point by point knowledge into the therapeutic employments of the timberland plants. There’s an essential campground for the individuals who need to remain overnight.

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