Sao Paulo is the biggest city of Brazil as well as it the world’s seventh largest city. Those who want to have a taste of Brazil and South America target Sao Paulo for pleasure and business. The visitors get a memorable and authentic experience of this beautiful country due to its political, historical and cultural value. The Sao Paulo city is capital to the state with similar name. Since Sao Paulo is rich in history and heritage it is a land having countless parks, statues, galleries and museums. Sao Paulo has many events to celebrate throughout the world which makes it a perfect destination and people from all over the world love to visit from all over the world. This includes: The São Paulo Art Bienal: Almost 1 million people visit to see the impressive art and the São Paulo Fashion Week: It is regarded as the most significant fashion in whole of Latin America.

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The massive Sao Paulo Cathedral is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Brazil. Its construction began in 1913 as per the Neo-Gothic style and ended after four decades. It is resting place for the regent of Brazil during 19th-centuryreifn of Emperor Dom pedro II’s named Father Diogo Feijo and also for the creator of airship design, Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmão. The cathedral has a giant tomb of a 16th century native called Chief Tibiriçá, who assisted Portugese colonize Sao Paulo after converting to Christianity. Many other important people are buried here including Sao Paulo’s archbishops and bishops. The main hall has beautiful and creative Gothic style columns and arches which are adorned with marble sculptures. These sculptures portray the history of biblical figures like Saint Jerome and Job.
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Pinacoteca do Estado:
One of the most important and eye-catchy museums in Brazil is Pinacoteca. The museum has collection of Brazilian art including the 19th century sculptures and paintings. It is the oldest museum in Sao Paulo which was founded on 24 December 1905 and became a state museum in 1911. The museum was designed by Domiziano Rossi and Ramos de Azevedo and housed in a 1900 building located in Jardim da Luz. The museum became an international center of exhibitions after a renovation conducted in 1990s by Paulo mendes da Rocha. The museum has become a cultural institute which hosts cultural events and holds bibliographic production collection.

Fundacao maria Luisa E Oscar Americano:
If you are a person who is not much fond of crowded places instead loves nature then a brunch option at a lesser known place is the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation. It is situated in a house which dates back to 1950s in the neighborhood of Morumbi. The buildings inner side has a museum with pieces of furniture and paintings related to the Brazil’s period when it was associated with Portugal. The visitors are allowed to take meals in the internal hall or outside where a stunning view of the surrounding area and coffee plants can be captured. The breakfast offered includes pies, quiches and mini coxinhas served with mini hot snacks and homemade breads.

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