Huaxi is the richest village of the country named China which was established in the year of 1962 by the Wu Renbao that is considered to be the perfect model of the concept communism practiced by China. The locals inhabitants of this village are having the good quality of life and standard of life, the argument which can substantiated from the fact that many of the citizens have the bank balance of more than $100,000. Not only this, they also own the large mansions and own the highly expensive European cars. According to the belief of the founder of this village, it can be deduced that having the financial wealth, expensive vehicles, large house and the most significantly, family and near and dear ones are the things that can ensure the happiness in your life as these 4 things are considered to be key components needed for being happy. As the matter of the fact, the villagers and locals are very interested in the growth of the profits earned on the part of the village as this way, they get to become as well. For the aim of earning higher profits, the villagers would have to work 7 days in the week with no chance of vacations and the most significantly, manufacturing plants remains open with break.


As per the significant report produced, it has been mentioned that the migrants are the ones who are 95% of the village’s total population. On the other hand, the original local inhabitants of the village have remained to be the ones who only contribute less towards the pie. It has been claimed by the founder of this village named Huaxi that every single individual inhabitant living in the village is wealthy and rich. But this is not the fact, as it is mere the propaganda which is having the aim of protecting the Chinese style of governance and political structure i.e. Socialism.

huaxi street night market

As the matter of the fact, the strict policies towards the media and curbing of the rights of the locals to express their views on the part of the founder and authorities have been effective enabling them to keep the secret but truth under wrapper. It can be seen from the village’s scenario that this is certainly appears to be another North Korea where the dictatorship prevails. With everything aside, what seems to be the interesting thing about this richest village of china is the fact that it offers the great travel destination for the promoting tourism for the adventurous people. The thousands of people visit for the reason behind that they want to get to know about the lifestyle and get over with the curiosity they have for this village. According to the visitors of this village, it has been told that the fancy shops and the restaurants do not exist there like wealthy and rich cities have normally. They argue that villagers have a lot of money but remained unspent because there is nothing on which money can be spent.

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