The island of the Indonesia in the shape of the Sulawesi was badly affected when the tsunami hit the city of the Palu with the heavy intensity of the 20-foot high waves. As the matter of the fact, owing to this disaster, there have been the death and killing of the people amounted to 1357 that has spread the fear amongst the local inhabitants of the country. Although this is the recent figure of the deaths of the affected people, it has been said that many of the people are severely injured who might end up with the disaster with their lives.

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One is capable of pinpointing from the images that reflects the scene which paints the worrisome picture in the shape of the destruction land and the prevailing grey mud in the different parts of the city. With the disaster penetrated the city, the aid workers would poured into the area and saved the people who feel the victim of the ruins that affected the city named Palu. The threat came from the northern part of the world. Travel Line UK is offering cheap flights to Jakarta, Indonesia from UK.
According to the recent information provided by the state authorities, it has been said that the threat of volcano which resulted in the ask paint that prevailed in the sky black. As the matter of the fact, the 6000 meters of the ash had been jettisoned in the air that resulted in the spread of the fear and the most significantly, cancellation of the flights and the traffic issues.