As the matter of the fact, the Kenya airways prepares to launch new route to New York for the purpose of increasing its global network that would allow it to cater the needs of the customers, passengers and the clients in the best possible manner. All the legal obligations on the part of the US Department of Transportation have been met by the Kenya airways in the best possible manner. Earlier, the Kenya airways has been able to start its operation of the flights that take place from the destination of the Nairobi and the New York with the wide range of the routes that are to be catering the ever-rising demands level of the customers and the clients who love to seek out the services of the airline in the highly attractive way.

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According to the data unveiled by the Kenya Airways, it has been mentioned that the airline would highly likely to deploy the Boeing 787-8 to be able to operate its flights in this route that can be the best development and step taken by the company in the shortage period of time. This is the aircraft that has the potential to have the 30 flat business class seats along with the huge range of the economy seats that ranged to the 204 seats. If you are the one who want to get to know about distance between the routes, then it should be noted that the total distance would be around the 7360 miles in the each direction. The best part remains to be the fact that the flight has been considered to be the bookable along with the award space. It can be said that every day, there are easy availability of the 2 business class award seats that can be offered to the people who are in need of that in the best possible manner.

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