The Kenyan Airways has selected E&M to provide the component services regarding the Boeing which were bought by the Kenyan airways. Billed by the hour, the contract has also included the main pool base for the clients.

With the latest generation of Aircraft engines which have been ordered by the Kenyan airways show that the Ghana has entrusted the Airways. The latest engines are going to provide the Ghanaian airways with CF6 powerful engines which will power the Boeing 787 and the 777 airplanes.

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The Executive Vice-president of the KLM Engineering said that the Kenyan Airways testifies to the majority. The EVP also said that we will provide our best engineering efforts to the company and therefore it will be a golden chance for us to provide the company with the latest technology.

The Kenyan airways is now flying to 60 destinations worldwide out of which forty would be the carriers which will fulfill the Africa airline’s needs. The new fleet is the most modern fleet in Africa. The aircraft which are bought by the Kenyan Airways is declared to be one of the best top 10 aircraft of the all-time. The Kenyan-Airways has pride over all African flights regarding the fleet.

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