Kenya Airways was lacking one of the most important airplanes, the Dreamliner 787, from its fleet. It is one of the most sophisticated planes with high efficacy and maneuverability. This airplane is considered to be as one of the most important planes for the future growth and advancements of any airlines and considered as a backbone of any Airline who wants to gain high rankings in the industry.

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Supporting huge capacity of passengers, this airline provides greater support range and amazing comfort for the Passengers. The Boeing has provided the Kenyan Airways with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with which the capacity of Kenyan Airways has increased and the Airlines have destined to be the top flight provider of Africa. With the new plane the airline will have the capacity to increase its profits and explore the new markets. The passengers who will be having cheap flights with Kenyan Airways will enjoy top most luxury of this Airplane. This airplane is one of most technologically advanced airplanes built by Boeing. Consisting of top class high -tech featured seats, which are designed to provide the customers with high-quality comfort especially when on long-haul flights. Similarly, the electronically dimmable windows and spacious overhead for the luggage is one of the best advantages the customer can have during their flights. The Air infiltration in the plane has also been researched very uniquely to provide the customer s with best options to have smooth and plain flight. This technology is new to this Dreamliner which makes it come on the top list of one of the most advanced planes in the industry.

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