It has been said in the news that two major international airlines in the shape of the Qantas Airways and KLM are to codeshare with each other. The codeshare would be when Qantas Airways putting its respective code towards the flights of KLM that takes places the travel destination of Amsterdam and Singapore. On the other hand, the airline of KLM would be placing its code on the flights of the Qantas Airways of whose travels to the Singapore, Perth and the Sydney. As the matter of the fact, these codeshares have to be accepted by the both governments along with the regulators that would ultimately make the effective implementation of the plans.

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It would likely to bring many benefits for the people especially for those who are considered to be elite and potential flyers as the travelers of the Qantas Airways would be enabled to have the access of the KLM crown Lounge that lies in the Amsterdam. Not only this, the travelers of the KLM would be also able to get the entry in the Lounges of the Qantas Airways in many locations. As the matter of the fact, it has been said that the passengers of the Qantas Airways would be capable of getting the points and the status credits while using the traveling of the Qantas Airways driven flights that takes place from the Singapore and Amsterdam and vice versa.

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According to the Chief Executive Officer of KLM, it has been said that the Australia has remains to be the significant travel spots for the people who are considered to be business or tourists driven individuals that is one of the reasons why Qantas Airways is known to be the significant partner for us.