Melbourne is the most livable city on Earth according to the recently held survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global (EIU) Liveabilitiy Index. This development has been able to enhance the claim of the Australia’s city for being the highest level of pleasant and peaceful city in which one would love to live in. As the matter of the fact, the Melbourne has the highest points in the field of the healthcare, education and the most significantly, the well-maintained and well-established infrastructure development. The important thing has to be the fact that the Melbourne has the lead in the category of the culture and the environment that makes it the ideal and amazing place of the world where one should live.
According to the EIU, the medium sized cities that belong to the rich nations together with having the low level of the population likely to have the immense level of the stability in the ranking. On the other hand, the bigger sized cities and the highly crowded ones likely to have the greater level of the crime together with the poor or patchy infrastructure prevailing in the city. Since the last 7 years, Melbourne has been able to lead the cities in the world as per the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index. Melbourne, this time around, emerged as the second liveable city of the world with the by and large rating of the 98.4, whereas, Vienna emerged to be the top in the ranking. The low crime level along with the decreasing trend in the militant activities contributed significantly towards the enhanced rating of this city.

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In an attempt to determine the index of the highly liveable cities of the global village, the EIU uses the wide range of the factors that are around thirty qualitative and the quantitative factors. These factors lies in the 5 main categories in the shape of the Education, infrastructure, Healthcare, Culture and environment and the most importantly, stability. It has been suggested in the survey that the half of the world’s cities have been able to witnessed the enhance performance and ranking since the last couple of years. Melbourne has come on the second ranking this time around that had an experience of being at the top since 7 years. On the other hand, 2 main cities of the country named Australia has been able to make to the top of this list of EIU in the shape of the Sydney and the Adelaide.
If we talk about the other part of the list, we would come across the highly vulnerable cities of the world in the shape of the Damascus of Syria, Dhaka of Bangladesh and the most significantly, Lagos in the country of Nigeria. According to the EU, the component of the crime, militants activities and the civil disorder has been the key factors responsible for the least performance of these lower scoring cities.

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