Mongolia is located in East Asia and has a craggy landscape with least population is an ideal destination for travelers who want to look out into the unrelated culture. It lies between China to the south and Russia to the north. It shares no border with Kazakhstan with only 37 kilometers separating them. This country invests principally in environmental policies and education thus making it the world’s best ethical destination. The state has decidedly less arable land with the principal of the area covered with mountains towards its northern and western side, Gobi Desert at the southern end and the remaining space is covered by steppe.

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Gobi desert:
One of the unusual landscapes of the world is situated in Mongolia, the Gobi desert. It is primarily covered with rocky outcrops and gravel plans with impressive and picturesque singing dunes called Khongoryn Els. The only animals you can find in this area are the Gobi bears and the two-humped camels. Those who have an interest in history should be happy to visit Bayanzag. It is a place of exceptional paleontological findings and. Another remarkable place to visit is the Eagle Valley which is a secure site and transforms into a gorge. There is a place within a dessert called Khermen tsav which is a canyon, and the first ever dinosaur skeleton was found here.

It is the capital of Mongolia and the prime hub for many trips destination. The city has an incredible international rail line called the Trans-Siberian railway which passes through the town from north to south. This city holds 1 million people out of the total population of Mongolia and is the country’s cultural, economic and political center. It is surrounded by sacred mountains and situated on the embankment of River Tuul. In its south are found the grassy steppes with dense forests at the northern edge. It is a perfect city of contrast where there is a blend of traditional Mongolian lifestyle with the modern lifestyle of Ulaanbaatar.

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Orkhon Valley:
This beautiful valley is situated in the central part of Mongolia with almost 360km from Ulan Bator in the province of Ovorkhangai. This valley is located at the base of the Khangai range covering 121.967 hectares of land along the Orkhon River. There are many historical vestiges found at the Basin of Orkhon River as many nomads had been living in the valley. Some renowned monuments of the valley are Erdene Zuu monastery, Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall, ruins of Khar Balgas, Tuvkhun Hermitage monastery and ruins of Genghis Khan.

Erdene Zuu Monastery:
Erdene Zuu Monastery is the most important and famous monastery in the country with almost 100 temples at its peak. Nearly 1000 monks reside inside the monastery with approximately 300 gears inside the walls. You need to buy a ticket if you wish to see inside the main temple, along with an English speaking guide whereas entrance to the monastery ground is free. During expulsion, almost all of the temples in Erden Zuu were demolished along with the killing of some monks. They were buried in local homes or nearby mountains.

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