Emirates Airline is going to run the shortest flight of the world on the largest commercial aircraft that will be started from July 1, 2019. Flying to Muscat from Dubai, twice a day, the A 380 flights to the capital of Oman takes in-air time of about an hour. The distance between Dubai and Muscat is about 217 miles or 340 Km. On the lower deck the plane contains 429 seats. There are about 14 first class private suites and 76 business class flatbed seats that means it has the capacity to take the over two thousand passengers to fly the route daily. At 8.25 am, the passengers traveling on the EK862 Emirates flight will fly and in Muscat the landing time is 9.40 am. At 11.15, the return flight departs Oman and lands at 12.25 PM in UAE. The time of the 2nd daily flight is 4.10 pm and the landing time in Muscat is 5.25 PM. The return flight leaves at 7.05 Muscat and lands in UAE by 8.15.

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Emirates Airline has made a one-off landing in Oman on July 1st last year. It has confirmed the efficiency of the Muscat International Airport to control the biggest plane of the world. For this small distance, the executives and business owners will book the flight to travel. They usually need their bookings in the Business class of the largest Aircraft. The business class contains high-standard and comfortable seats. Passengers can lie on the flat leather fabric completely. It allows them to enjoy the gourmet meal as they can set their favorite box set on HD TV of about 23-inch.  This is the redefined business class in this aircraft. It offers an excellent living area. It offers delicious cuisine and more than 4,000 channels of entertainment. It takes the stroll to the onboard lounge.

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