The places to visit in East London are;


In East London the most beautiful places to visit are beaches. These beaches are connected to Indian Ocean and for that reason the water of these beaches is warn. Tourist can enjoy warm water. The popular beaches of the city are Orient Beach, Eastern Beach, East London Aquarium, Nahoon Beach and Gonubie Beach. These beaches are very safe and tourists can spend their times with their families on these beaches.


East London Museum:

This museum was established in 1921. The most attractive thing in this museum is coelacanth that is large fish. It was caught in 1938 from Chalumna River. There are different kinds of birds, mammals, reptiles and animals in this museum.

nkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve:

It is one of the most popular safari parks in the country. There are numerous wild animals in this park that tourists must watch. There are a lot of birds in this park as well. More than 180 species are there in the park. For those tourists which did not watch wild animals before this place is awesome for them.

Apex Predator Park

Apex Predator Park:

This park is known for its collection of snakes and reptiles. These reptiles are of different sizes and mostly belong to the dense forests of Africa.

Mpongo Private Game Reserve

Mpongo Private Game Reserve:

Mpongo private game reserve is a beautiful collection of safari animals. There are ‘Big Five’ safari animals in the park. The park has spread over to 3,500 hectares. During the day time tourists can take photographs of these wild animals. Also there are restaurants in the park as to where tourists can enjoy their meals.

city hall

City Hall:

This is a colonial building still present in the city. This is a Victorian style building that was completed in 1899. There is a clock tower in this building.  In front of it there is a monument and that is a reflection of Boe War. Visitors will need to take the permission from caretakers before entering into the building.

Ann Bryant Art Gallery

Ann Bryant Art Gallery:

Ann Bryant Art Gallery has a beautiful collection of arts. This Art gallery is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It was established in 1960. The masterpieces of famous artists are there in the art gallery. There are a lot of national exhibitions used to take place in this art gallery.

Hemingways Mall

Hemingways Mall:

There are more than 200 shops in the Mall. As to when there is a rainy day and people cannot spend their time at beaches, they can visit this mall. A tourist can play different sorts of games like arcade games, bowling alley and few other games in the mall.

Gately House

Gately House:

This is a colonial type old house and it was constructed in 1876 and Gately family lived until 1966 in this house and afterwards the family donated this house to be preserved as a historical place in the city. Nowadays the house has been converted into the museum and belongings of Gately family are placed here.

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