The African state of Nigeria presents a unique blend of Islam and Christianity in Nigeria also translates itself in the traditional attires and the overall food of the land. On the one hand, you will see the locals wearing Muslim dresses and on the other hand, the local Africans are seen dressed in an ancient and traditional African attire. This contributes to the diversity in the country and it becomes an interesting place to visit, especially for the intellectuals. We at TravelLineUK bring you the top destinations of the country for your all-important travel plans.

1. Abuja
Abuja is one of the most crowded urban areas of the nation and is home to a different culture and conventions. The significant religious locales in the city are the Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian National Christian Center. Abuja is additionally alluded to as a standout amongst the most quickest developing urban communities of the world by the United Nations. The casual or open spots for tourism in the nation are otherwise called the Bush Bars. The Bush Bars are where the visitors can sit together and have drinks. The bars additionally have a scope of bites show on the site including egusi soup, flame broiled catfish, and suya. Other little things are likewise accessible for procurement. Hence, we are giving away cheap flight tickets to Abuja.

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2. Calabar
The city of Calabar is considered to be the tourism capital of the country. Calabar is home to a number of cultural and historic monuments including International Museums, Cultural Centers, Seaports and International Airports, Natural parks, and Integrated Sports Complex. Moreover, the city also has a wide range of luxurious resorts and amusement parks. The city of Calabar is also home to several exciting festivals and events. Hence, we offer budgeted flights to Calabar. The Annual Christmas festival is held every year with joy and excitement. Thousands of travelers attend the festival from within the country and abroad. The festival is illuminated with a number of performances related to cultural music and dance by the locals of the city.

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3. Lagos
Lagos is a port city that has focused a lot on its urban centers and tourism infrastructure. Over the year, the city has developed itself into a mega financial centre and a strong tourist destination. Therefore, we are offering the cheapest flights to Nigeria. The global city witnesses some of the most exciting festivals throughout the year. The popular festivals include the Eyo Festival, Lagos Black Heritage Carnival, Lagos Carnival, Eko International Film Festival, the Festac Food Festival, Lagos Seafood Festac Festival, and the Lagos Photo Festival.

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