As the matter of the fact, the Qatar airways to launch Rabat-Doha air route that has been the significant development for this airline which is known to be the imperative stakeholder and firm operating in the airline industry. According to the information unveiled by the company of the Qatar Airways, it was said to be the fact that the airline would be launching the uninterrupted flight that would be having the potential to connect the capital of Qatar, Doha with the Rabat in this year i.e. 2019. This move by the airline has been the important aspect of its expansion mechanism for the region named to the Mediterranean said by the Director General of the Qatar Airways. The significant thing is the fact that the air route would be made operational on the 29 May 2019 with the help of the 3 flights that would be operated on the weekly basis. This service would be offered using the aircraft in the shape of the Boeing 787-8.

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As the matter of the fact, the Qatar Airline would be operating the new flights in the year of the 2019 towards the travel destination in the name of the Malta, Turkey and the Portugal. Not only this, the flights would be made to the destinations to the Somalia, Philippines and the most significantly, the Malaysia. The interesting fact remains to be the fact that this announcement and the step made on the part of the Qatar airways was disclosed in the event of the travel trade shows named ITB tourism fair Berlin. According to the news that took place in the year of 2017 in the shape of the diplomatic issues between the countries of the Qatar and the Arab states, the Qatar airways was not able to have access to the 18 middle east cities.

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