Sri Lanka got independence from the British colonies and was known as Ceylon. Buddhism is the religion of the majority of the people. However, Christianity is the second largest religion here. Under the influence of various types of invaders up to the rule of the British people, there has been a significant effect on the cultural and traditional values of the people inhabiting here. Many of the festivals and events are unique to Sri Lanka. The weather here is warm and tropical. Due to suitable climatic conditions, Sri Lanka is native to a large variety of fauna and flora. Travel Line UK deals with you Bargain Fares to Colombo from Edinburgh.

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Mirissa – A Beach Resort:
It is a beach matchless in its beauty and natural attraction. It is perfect to watch a sunrise and a sunset which creates a view to cherish nature and romance. It is the island that indeed translates the dreams of a visit to a paradise. It is made to look such a place which is not inhabited by humans, for this reason, all the rest houses are built far off the shore to keep the natural scene intact. The beach is rich with coconut palm trees although the beach is usually in the silent mode however a fall of coconut breaks the ice.

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Kandy View from Ella:

Kandy is a city in Sri Lanka located in the middle of the Kandy Plateau. It is the home of a large number of temples which make up an excellent historical background of Kandy. These temples include the Temple of the Tooth, Royal Palace, Lankatilaka Temple, and some parks and gardens. There is a train that takes passengers from Kandy to Ella. The train traverses through the hills and mountains and is an ideal place to look at the lush and green naturally grown plantation. The waterfalls, the clouds and the mist combined with the plants make it one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys.

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Stilt fishers of Galle Province:

It is the most exciting way of fishing and is a part of the Sri Lankan traditions as it is unique. The fishermen stand in the sea or river waters with the perched stick at a specific time of the day usually noon, dawn or dusk. It is an art that requires skill in balancing the rod or stick. Watching the stilted fishermen gives a sense of comfort and serenity because it is a work that needs peace of mind. The fishes are then caught in a big bad usually tied to the pole or the stick.

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Food and festivals:

Sri Lanka has some annual festivals which are celebrated passionately by the public. VesakPoya is the festival of lights and is observed on the full moon in March. There are other festivals like Deepawali, Esala Perahera and Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The meals are served as an ethic in a plant leaf which is mostly Lotus leaf. The most popular dishes are the traditional Moor dishes. There is a lot of Portuguese and Dutch influence on the taste of recipes too. Lamprais, Bolo Fiado, and Breudher are a few of the most famous recipes.

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