The best time to visit Africa is actually related to the natural life – with May to October being prevalent months in the brilliantly rich fields of East and Southern Africa. In the north, the leave winters are nippy and the summers sweltering – spring and harvest time are considerably more wonderful. June to early September correspond with the Wildebeest Migration, and gorillas can be found in Uganda and Rwanda lasting through the year.
Moreover, the best time for an African safari is the point at which the creatures are anything but difficult to discover and in thick numbers. Choosing when to go on safari relies upon what nation you might want to visit and when you can design your excursion. Seasons vary in East and Southern Africa so you can truly design an incredible safari for practically each long stretch of the year, on the off chance that you are adaptable about where you need to go to.
Beneath, TravelLineUK gives you a chance to discover a nation particular guide for the most perfectly awesome time to design a safari. A step by step directions for the best nation to visit for a safari is likewise included. The last piece of this article is for in case you’re searching for creature particular safaris, similar to a gorilla or a chimpanzee safari.

1. Kenya
The best time to go on safari in Kenya and experience a tremendous thickness and assorted variety of natural life is the point at which the yearly movement of a great many wildebeest, zebra, and gnu slide on the Mara fields with predators not far behind. The best time to see this natural life display is from July to October. Different stops in Kenya are likewise magnificent and the best time to visit these eventual amid the dry seasons – January through March and July through October.

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2. Tanzania
In the event that you need to see the Great Migration unfurl, make a beeline for Tanzania’s northern stops; the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The best time to witness the relocation is most likely February – March when the wildebeest and zebra have their young. Can you appreciate seeing infant creatures, as well as the predators, are at the most noteworthy number as well. Since the crowds additionally amass in the south of the Serengeti, it’s anything but difficult to design your natural life seeing here and discover a safari organization that offers stopping there. For more points of interest see my Tanzania Safari Planner.

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3. Zambia
The best time to make the most of Zambia’s untamed life is from September through mid-November which is the finish of the dry season. Elephants flourish and expansive crowds of wild ox, impala, zebra, and others gather in the Lower Zambezi Valley. April to September is additionally a decent time to go, however past these months, many stops in Zambia is everything except close down because of blocked streets. In November, there’s a littler variant of the Great Migration where 30,000 wildebeest assemble in Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park, that is not seen by numerous, but rather worth endeavoring to design an excursion around.

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4. Zimbabwe
July to October is the best time to go to Zimbabwe’s brilliant untamed life parks, particularly Hwange, the biggest diversion hold in the country. White water boating on the Zambezi is best from August to December when the water is low and the rapids are fast.The Victoria Falls are at their most great in March and April after the blustery season. You may experience issues seeing the majority of the falls because of monstrous measures of splash it can be very heavy.

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