The Western countries of Africa are some of the best tourism destinations with an amazing blend of romantic destinations that are considered to be quite unique and gregarious.The cities and nations along the West African coast are known to cover an array of attractive destinations providing the visitors with a range of beautiful beaches, parks, and safaris. We at TravelLineUK bring you some of the most attractive West African destinations worthy of being positioned at the top of your priority lists when it comes to the spending of vacations. The best West African destinations are:

1. Accra, Ghana
The city of Accra is the capital of the West African nation of Ghana. The city is known as a popular tourist destination with an amazing blend of traditional and unorthodox architecture. The several attractive tourist destinations are the prime reason for the tourism industry’s proliferation and development over the past few years with developments in the tourism infrastructure and facilities for the visitors of the city. The most popular tourist destinations in the city are The Ghana Academy of Arts, the National Archives of Ghana, the National Museum of Ghana, the National Theatre, the Jamestown Lighthouse, the Ohene Djan Stadium, and the Accra Centre for National Culture.

accra official

2. Côte d’Ivoire
The famous West African city ofCôte d’Ivoireis a beautiful destination in the region of West Africa. The country has a famous legacy dating to the French-colonialism. The country has faced imperial impositions for centuries and contemporarily it is amongst the most popular destinations for witnessing the extravagant and historic French infrastructure. The historic buildings and monumental architecture of the city adds to the uniqueness of the country as a renowned tourist attraction. Besides this, Ivory Coast is also popularly known for its amazing beaches providing the visitors with an exotic experience. The Grand Bassam is the best place to visit and experience the jubilancy offered by the country’s beaches.


3. Monrovia, Liberia
The city of Monrovia is one of the top West African destinations and the capital city of
Liberia. The city is a lush, green, accommodating and vivacious land known to offer almost everything from the excellent surf and diving spots, and shops selling wares by edgy local designers to days spent lolling in a comfy hammock on the edge of the rainforest while listening to tropical birds sing. The city is also home to one of region’s spectacular national parks, and still, the destinations hangs on to an amazing and unique texture.

Monrovia canyon park

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