The thing to do and see Ha long Bay is what we will explore in this blog. Ha Long Bay is the highly popular travel destination that lies in the country named Vietnam. It includes various limestone islands that are also part of the important lies in the shape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the matter of the fact, it has around 2000 islands that lie at the Ha Long Bay; many of them are covered by the lush and stunning vegetation that makes it the best place for the purpose of engaging in the activity of hiking. In case, you are the one who loves to engross in the walking activity to spend some time while being alone, you would be able to have the bluffs that are surrounded by the islands of the Ha long Bay. The wide range of its islands is the one that houses the popular caves that can be also busy in the high seasons. It would be the great adventure if you enjoy the seafood barbecues along with the sea kayaking that would make it the best adventure for you. Travel Line UK deals with You Cheap Flights to Saigon with Cathay Pacific.

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As the matter of the fact, the activity of Diving is the integral part of the activities that take place at Ha long Bay along with the islands being the ideal place to have fun with the underwater excitement. The crystal clear waters would provide you the amazing visibility through which you can enjoy with the diving and the swimming. You can also explore the wide range of the diving schools there in case you are the one who prefers to take the boat towards the islands of the Ha long Bay where you can also do swimming and the most significantly, snorkeling.

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Cat Ba Island:
It has been the highly popular tourist attraction of the Ha long Bay which has remained to be the largest island of the country named Vietnam. This offers the peaceful environment that can help you have the best time at the afternoon. This island lies at the fisherman’s port of the Ha long bay, the bay of the country named Vietnam. You are able to rent out the bicycle and the get engage in the activity of riding. It is an ideal spot where you can see the many trips that leave for the trips that take place at Island.

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Hiking at Cat Ba national Park:
It is the beautiful and amazing national park that houses the 32 diverse types of the mammals, amongst them some of the endangered primates of the global village. You would be able to get towards the stunning hiking trails that make you reach the highest point or peak of this national park. In case, you are the one who is known to be the nature lover, then you do not require to have the large sum of money needed to unleash the Ha long Bay as it would allow you to explore the many species within the short span of time.

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