Nassau is the capital and the central city of Bahamas. It is present on an island named as New Providence. It functions like a district which supports the primary economy of the country because of its tourism favoring factors. The city was small in the past, but in the past decades, the population has spread all over Paradise Island. It is relatively a flat and a low sea level island with a tropical savanna season all around the year which makes it suitable for tourism. The city is a part of the UNESCO creative city culture, and the Junkanoo festival is a beautiful tradition of Nassau! Travel Line UK deals with Cheapest Flights to Nassau Bahamas.

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There are some beaches in Nassau which itself is regarded as an Island called the Paradise Island. These beaches are a significant source of Tourist attraction. Montego beach is famous for is ancient Montagu Fort. The Caves and the Cabbage beach are less crowded and are renowned as a romantic resort for selected dates. Adelaide Beach, Jaw’s beach, Coral Harbor Beach, Saunders Beach, love beach and the Junkanoo beach are equally famous among the tourists too! If you visit Nassau tanning yourself with the sun on the beach and feeling the breeze is a great idea!

Cheap Flights to Nassau Bahamas

Explore Fort Charlotte:

The fort built in the era when the British colonies were in the rule in the Bahamas. It is the most massive fort on the island on New Providence. Lord Dunmore built it after the name of Queen Saharia Charlotte. If you visit the fort, there are thoroughly educated guides that can tell you a lot more about the history of the Fort Charlotte. Especially if you are a traveler who has god interests in history, you should visit the fort! The fort is opened with a daily ceremony by firing of a cannon at 12 pm at noon.

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Gin Blue waters:

The resort is aptly based on the blue colored water that shades the whole place with serenity and peace. There are quarters arranged at the resort where you can rest for a time. These are fully furnished and well-equipped. It’s a perfect relaxation place where you can step out of your apartment to breathe in the fresh breath. You can also play tennis and enjoy other facilities like swimming in an ocean side-pool and feasting at Da Sand and Bar Grill. You can also visit the bright lights and play casino or even enjoy deep sea fishing!

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Lovely accommodation:

There are some seven and five-star hotels in Nassau that can facilitate you with a perfect stay at Nassau for a vacation or trip! Orange Hill Beach Inn is renowned as the number one best stay Inn hotel with a very reasonable reservation price. British Colonial Hilton is also all-time famous among the visitors. Breezes Resort and Spa Bahamas is yet an expensive one but is perfect for a seaside trip only. Other accommodations include the Cove at Atlantis and the Warwick Paradise Island, Bahamas. The Comfort Suites and the Small Bay Lodge is also preferred.

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