At the intersection of Asia and Europe, Georgia is located. It is famous for its ancient wine-growing region Kekheti. Its capital is Tbilisi that is famous for the variety of architecture, cobblestone and mazelike. Georgia is a country that is famous for its beauty and winter season. The entire area id highly interesting and complete of activities. There are several things to do and several places to see. It is a mountainous region that is linked with the Caucasus Mountains and it contains many peaks above 5000 meters. The country is culturally, socially and historically closer to Europe as compared to Asia. It can be called Eastern Europeans.
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Georgia Tourism
In Georgia, Western backpackers and tourists are still a minority. The majority of the Russian enjoy their tour to Georgia. Traveling in Georgia is highly safe for the tourists. It is a myth that tourism to Georgia is not secure. There are several hotels and lodges for the tourists. These are of different types and styles. You can choose the right one as per your budget. The five star hotels offer more than accommodation. It offers an incredible living environment with air-conditioned bedrooms, sitting area, private terraces, immense windows, stunning open living area and Antique marble flooring is on the spotlight.
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Natural Hot Springs
Georgia is rich in natural hot springs. These springs contains mineral rich waters those are ideal for therapy, bathing and swimming. The nearby restaurants are the right source to keep people come back to the area. You will get the best water here. It is a fascinating, wonder of nature and rich history. The spring attracts people for its health benefits. It is a therapeutic water that helps numerous people with several diseases like polio and others. Tourists rub the water on their body and drink it. They take it with them in the bottles.
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Amicalola Falls
It is surrounded by the beautiful tumbling water and stunning scenery. Tourists enjoy the memorable adventure that awaits along 5-mile trail leading guests to several lodges and restaurants. You do not need to bring anything here. Bring some basics with you because you will get delicious meals, hot showers and cozy beds. Make your stay memorable with the comfortable bedding and tasty meals. A variety of drinks are available as per your desire and convenience. This region offers a spectacular site and welcomes to the Appalachian Trail.
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Stone Mountain
Due to the unique formation of geology, the entire area is filled with the variety of landscapes. The granite moadnock tower offers family-friendly environment. Hike and explore Stone Mountain Museum to the top on the long trail. It offers magnificent views and natural beauty. The local people are highly welcoming, serves with good cultural level, friendly and helpful. They are highly hospitable and serve people in their country. The local food is diverse and based on the austere history and rural nature. The majority of the people like the local food dumplings, dishes with cheese, beef, and grains.