A Turkish Airline Air Plane conveying 121 travelers and six crew membershave executed an Emergency Landing in Mombasa, Kenya on Friday evening. The Turkish Airline flight TK 673 was leaving Kenya’s beachfront city of Mombasa for Istanbul when the winged animal strike occurred at around 4 a.m. The plane hovered around Mombasa for an hour to discharge its fuel tank before it landed. Nobody harmed. The plane was checked by experts and took off once more.

The event happened soon after takeoff early Friday. The flight was destined for Istanbul from Moi International Airport, Mombasa taking off at around 3 am. The plane landed securely at the airplane terminal and there was no harm to the travelers or staff, Coast police manager Larry Kieng brief to the media.

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The travelers and six lodge team members were given overnight stay at the Serova White Sands Beach Resort. It is trusted that the plane sucked a bird into one of its motors previously hovering to consume fuel and after that coming back to the Mombasa Moi International Airport for an arrival.
Larry Kiyeng told Travel Line Uk that the plane was flying to Istanbul from Moi International airport and that the aircraft had over a hundred passengers travelling together with other crew members on board while all this happened.

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Moreover, the pilot had to makes several circles in the air to reduce fuel to a minimum level. According to witnesses, after circling in the air for almost 1 hour the pilot made an emergency landing. A bird is suspected to have been sucked by one of its engine, causing failure.
The plane, later on, took off after the mechanical problems were fixed, police confirmed.This is not the first time and international flight makes an emergency landing in Mombasa, an Air France plane from Mauritius to Paris was forced to make an emergency landing in Mombasa in 2015.