One of the important airline news that remained the hot topic across the airline industry of the word, it has been mentioned that the Virgin Atlantic continues to weigh up Flybe acquisition. It has been confirmed on the part of the international airline company in the name of the Virgin Atlantic that it has been reviewing the choice of the regional airline company named Flybe. As the matter of the fact, the big and one of the largest airline companies of the world in the shape of the Virgin Atlantic has been able to express its official statement that it was thoroughly analyzing all the options in the month of the November. The significant considering has been about the acquisition of the regional airline carrier named Flybe. According to the official statement made on part of the concern authorities of the Virgin Atlantic, that the company does not see any sort of uncertainty related to the offer that might be made to the Flybe for the acquisition or something like that.

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After this news disclosed by the international media of the world, the sudden follow up was the increase in the share of the Flybe to the 15% along with the increase of the value of the 17.5 pence. As per the information shared by the officials of the Flybe, it was said that the company has been engaging in talks with the wide range of buyers. On the other hand, the company has also said that it is seeking out the multiple and multi-dimensional ways in the shape of the decrease in the costs and the potential of the airline to make it comparatively financially sound. The best part is the fact the Virgin Atlantic and the Flybe has been sharing the codeshare driven relationship.