As the matter of the fact, the virgin cries foul over Qantas and Cathay Pacific codeshare plans that have been considered to be the important development that took place in the airline industry of the global village. It has been mentioned that the virgin Australia reveals that the current state of competition would highly likely to be dismantled along with the passengers having to pay the higher fares comparatively if the Qantas and the Cathay Pacific would be allowed to increase to the codesharing deal that are likely to be attached with the flight that take place to travel towards the Hong Kong. The best part remains to be the fact the Qantas and the Cathay, in the past, had the deal that was codeshare in nature that took place after the month of the October of the year of the 2018.

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This has been able to offer the opportunity to the travelers and the clients to be able to get them booked on the flights of the Qantas driven tickets that was operated on the part of the Cathay that taking place between the destination of the Hong Kong and the Perth and the cairns. This has been the route from where the airline of the Qantas does not have the potential to fly. From the start of the Month of the January, the airline in the name of the Qantas has been managed to go for the option of the Australian regulators in an attempt to increase the tie-up for the purpose of ensuring that the Cathay can provide the codeshare services for the flights of the Hong Kong. As the matter of the fact, the codeshare shared with the Cathay Pacific has been able to offer the wide range of the benefits to the customers.

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