India is the country which is the combination of the various types of the travel destinations and tourist’s spots that makes it an ideal for the adventurous to be visiting India for the First time. It offers the wide range of the adventurous activities along with the cultural and historic travel destinations that attract the millions of the travelers across the world.

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Camel Safari at high altitude:
The camel safari at high altitude is one of the best things you can do while exploring the country named India. Ladakh may turn out to be the ideal place needed for the purpose of camel safari that would be highly adventurous and challenging both. You would be able to make your camel safari experience an amazing one by exploring the camel ride alongside the high altitude areas.

The Khardung Pass:
It is the place which helps you get access to the places in the shape of the Nubra along with the Shyok valleys. This lies in the region of the Jammu and Kashmir, the important part of India, with Pass lies above the sea level at around 5602m. As the matter of the fact, the weather and climatic conditions seem not to be tourist-friendly. You can easily grab the sight of the deep valets along with the short curved roads that makes it the thrilling adventure for you.

Likir Monastery:
If you want to be surrounded by the peaceful and relaxing environment, this is the perfect travel destination for you. It is filled by the two structures in the shape of the Nanda and the Taksako with it being able to hosts the wide range of the pictures of the Bhuddas.

Indus Valley:
The view of the Indus valley has been known to be the most beautiful in the country with it offers the amazing view once filled with the nightlights. This is the most favorite travel destination that is located in the country named India.

LEH Palace:
As the matter of the fact, this travel destination is the highest building that was established on the part of the kings. This provides you an opportunity to have the great appearance of the city of the Ladakh. This lies on the Namgyal hill that has been the central point for the culture of the Buddhist alongside the religion of Buddhist of the locals and inhabitants.

Nubra Valley:
This has remained to be the high level of attraction on the part of the country named India which makes it the best trip to the spot of Nubra for the tourists and travelers. The Nubra Valley has to be the perfect place for you if you want to explore the Ladakh region. Along with the best vistas being provided by the area, the Nubra Valley offers the secret benefits of the acclimatization that would end up making the trip an amazing one.

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