Officially called as the Republic of Mozambique, it is the country that follows the famous Swahili culture and Swahili language. The coast of Swahili is well-known for trade between off-shore countries. It is a country with tropical climate with two seasons all around the year. Most of the months in a year accompany rainfall. The land of Mozambique is the home to a number of animals and wildlife species. Mozambique has long been ruled by the Portuguese, so there has been a great influence on its culture. In this way, the country gains historical importance and is a source of tourist attraction. Travel Line UK offers you Tickets to Maputo from London Heathrow.

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The Quirimbas Archipelago:
Quirimbas Islands are in Mozambique that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the whole archipelago constitutes about 32 islands in total. The great Archipelago is unique because it is inhabited by a number of endangered sea life species which include dolphins, whales and even dugongs. The coast of the Quirimbas Archipelago is the continuation of the Quirimbas National Park. The coral reefs are distinctive for these islands. Cinco Portas and Miti Miwari Guest House are the top lodging preferences. Dhow Zambi, The Nossa Tasca, and the JN 281 are the most popular restaurants among the tourists.

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The Bazaruto Archipelago:
It is another archipelago in the Mozambique that consists of a total of six islands. It is a type of true rocky island with huge coral reefs and sandy beaches. One of these islands is also referred to as the Paradise Island and is termed as the Marine National Park because it entails a variety of sea animals. The islands of this archipelago are widely used for fishing purposes too. It is a famous resort for scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling and is very popular among the tourists. Barra beach club is liked as a reasonable lodging at the Bazaruto.

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Vilankulo also known as Vilanculos is a town located at the coastal of Indian Ocean. Its named after a chief of tribe Gamela Vilankulo Mukoke. This beautiful place have many suburbs. There are a number of activities for the visitors and the tourists so that they can entertain themselves. There is an option of horse riding on the beach. It is probably a lovely activity to do. Parasailing, Paragliding is the favorite part of the visitors who love being sporty. Scuba diving and snorkeling is yet another way to discover the underwater life! Machilla magic is an art gallery here which is frequently visited.

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It is the second largest island in the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago. The name of this Benguerra Island was replaced by Santa Antonia by the Portuguese people. It is the most enchanting island one can ever visit. You can dive in the part of waters with the most unique corals in the world! You can enjoy an island expedition along with bird watching, cruising with the beautiful sunset and picnic with your loved ones. There are many lovely accommodations provided on this island to aid comfortable vacations of the tourists. Casa Da Capitao is one of them. It is graded as the top lodgings for this island!

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