It has been the important airline news revealed by the media channels and the newspapers that the world’s longest non-stop flight takes off from Singapore. As the matter of the fact, the Singapore Airlines driven flight service would be taking place from the country of the Singapore to be headed towards the destination of the New York, the important city of the country named USA. This is the flight that has considered being the longest non-stop flight that will highly likely to take place on Thursday. The airline in the shape of the Singapore Airline has been able to reintroducing its service after the five years of its decision to withdraw the service. One of the important reasons being shared by the concern authorities of the airline has been the fact that it turned to be quite expensive for the company to operate this flight, as noted and unveiled on the part of the news company in the name of the BBC.

Tickets to Cebu with Singapore Airlines

Auckland to Doha – 17 hours 40 minutes

Houston to Sydney – 17 hr 30 min

Auckland to Dubai – 17 hr 20 min

As the matter of the fact, this is the flight that would be covering the total distance of the 15000 km and would certainly take not less than 19 hours. According to the information shared by the staff of the Singapore Airlines, it has been mentioned that the demand of the non-stop flight services on the part of the passengers has been increasing as this mode of flight has capacity and potential to reduce the traveling times of the customers as compare to the flights having the stopover or breaks. As the matter of the fact, it has been said by the BBC that the business class seat have been fully occupied or booked by the passengers along with few seats available of the economy in nature.

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